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Where do we go when we need any daily stuff or sudden requirements? Our nearest retail store, right? These retail stores might seem insignificant, but they aren’t. Our nation’s economy and daily life rely heavily on these ordinary-looking stores. Consequently, enhancing these stores completely is a no-brainer for our absolute growth as well as for the growth of our nation as a whole.

In this blog, we are gonna know how to retail store owners can convert their small businesses or shops into a Franchise Model Retail Outlet with Top Retail Store Franchisee. It is only when we know something’s worth that we are able to value it. Having a quick glance at some numbers will help you understand the significance of the Retail Industry in India.

According to the latest studies, if numbers are to be believed, there are 12.8 Million retail stores all across the nation in 2021. India ranks 5th globally when it comes to retail, thanks to these enormous numbers. This vast and wide industry contributes 10% & 8% to the GDP & employment of India, respectively. In October 2021, the nation witnessed a significant rise in retail stores by 14%. The numbers above illustrate the enormous size and scope of the Indian retail industry.

The number of modern and well-functioning retail stores among these 12.8 million is disappointingly low. Therefore, India must revolutionize this industry. As a result, it is necessary to transform the local shop into a franchise retail outlet. So if you also run a retail shop, then this blog has value for you. Soon, we will be discussing the growth of your business with Best Retail Store Franchise. So be tuned in till the end.

Why turn your shop into a Franchise Model Retail Outlet:

Before discussing Dogma Junction, let’s first talk more about the need of modernizing your shop. Every business primarily focuses on attracting as many customers as possible and driving more sales. Who would not want more income? So, this is only possible when you have something distinct from your competitors. Customers won’t visit your shop if they have better options available. You need to keep them hooked. The rule of thumb for retail businesses says, your primary focus should be to get the customers to visit your shop. Offering quality services & timely support is worthless if no one is coming to your shop.


In a nutshell, an adequate environment, customer-centric culture, competitive edge, and attractive shop design is a must for a shop and that’s what Dogma Junction offers.


Role of Dogma Junction in Enhancement of Your Shop:

Dogma Junction is an Exclusive Model Fintech Store & a revolutionary innovation of Dogma Soft Limited. It helps you to convert your shop into a franchise model retail outlet. With Dogma Junction, you can make your store the Best Franchise Store in town. By converting your shop into a Dogma Junction, you can create the finest impression in front of your customers. Alongside offering a world-class customer experience, it opens the doors of the fintech industry for you. Thinking how?


You can offer a wide range of Banking & Non-Banking Services such as AEPS, Money Transfer, PAN Card Center, Bill Payment, Insurance, Credit Card Payment, Bank Account Opening, Demat Account Opening, etc. simultaneously with your current business. This will not be a complimentary service as you will earn a commission for each successful transaction. This Retail Store Franchise Opportunity will add to the ease of your customers. 


How Dogma Junctions Outmatch the Market?

There are reasons why Dogma Junction is called the Best Retail Store Franchise in India. It helps you to grow your business in such a way, you must haven’t thought of. It enables you with multiple growth opportunities. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Dogma Junctions.


  • Eye-Catchy Look: 

    The foremost feature of these franchise model retail outlets is, that they are designed with proven expertise. The close-knit team of experts takes care that your shop garners the attention of the customers the very moment they look forward. Your store should be a place, where customers can feel comfortable. The exquisite design of Dogma Junction ensures that customers are spending maximum time in your shop. 

  • Wide Array of Services: 

    To seamlessly expand your business, you can offer a gigantic range of fintech services that includes AEPS, Money Transfer, PAN Card Center, Bill Payment, Insurance, Credit Card Payment, Bank Account Opening, Demat Account Opening, etc. These services won’t only add to your income but to your customers’ ease as well. The fintech industry is filled with endless opportunities and this could be the start of something big for your business.

  • Highest Commission: 

    Dogma Soft Limited offers the highest commission in the market to all the Dogma Junctions. Your earnings will be increasing drastically once you have turned your shop into this Best Franchise Store. It also offers you the real settlement of the commission, which is rare in today’s time.

  • A Reliable Business Partner: 

    Once you join this Exclusive Retail Store Franchise, you are getting included in our vast network of partners. Dogma supports you in all circumstances, whether you need assistance with a small query or in your major business overhaul, we will be on your side. Our response time is faster than you have ever imagined. 

Seamless Process to Get Dogma Junction:

Dogma Junction has been emerging as a potential leader in the Retail Store Franchise Industry. When it comes to the growth of your retail business, it is difficult to visualize it without an outmatched retail store. Dogma makes it easiest to turn your shop into this franchise model retail outlet. Here is the process of it.


  • Step 1 – Contact Dogma Soft Limited with your request.
  • Step 2 – Share your requirements with us and let us review them.
  • Step 3 – After a thorough review, we will contact you at the earliest and discuss the further process with you along with the quotation. 


This is it. You will soon be witnessing your very own shop turning into a dazzling Dogma Junction.

The Bottom Line

Everything is under our potential, it’s a just matter of putting your best foot forward. This same thing goes with your retail store too. In this blog, we acknowledged the importance of the retail industry in India with some significant numbers.

Furthermore, we understood, how you can turn your local store into a first-class franchise model retail store with a top retail store franchise – Dogma Junction. This Retail Store Franchise Opportunity could be the milestone of your successful business. Hope you have thoroughly read this blog and will be waiting for the new one.


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