The 'holy grail' of longevity foods this doctor eats every day—it protects you 'like a suit of armor'

1. They strengthen your cells 

2. They are nice in your eyesight

3. They assist with muscle restoration

Research is ongoing, however blueberries have been discovered to reduce muscle injury and soreness.

The vitamin C within the berries additionally promotes iron absorption and will increase the manufacturing of collagen, the tissue that connects your bones and muscle groups.

One cup of blueberries comprises 24% of the each day worth of vitamin K, which helps with constructing bones and blood clotting. 

4. They increase your mind well being 

Along with bodily advantages, research have discovered that the antioxidants in blueberries may have an effect on areas of your brain which might be essential for intelligence.

One research of over 16,000 individuals discovered that blueberries and strawberries have been linked to delaying mental aging by as much as two and a half years.

5. They cut back irritation

Research has proven that the fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in blueberries will help reduce inflammation and extra danger elements for Type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Blueberries even have a prebiotic impact that regulates micro organism, relieves gut inflammation, and may help to prevent colon most cancers.

6. They decrease ldl cholesterol 

My favourite methods to eat blueberries 

There are a quantity of methods to include blueberries into your weight-reduction plan. I like including them to salads and smoothies, snacking on them between meals, or mixing them into oatmeal. 

While you’ll doubtless get probably the most from blueberries by consuming them uncooked, and a few research so present that baking and warmth will lower the number of anthocyanins, consuming them in any kind (like dried or frozen) will nonetheless present advantages. 

Ultimately, blueberries are one small piece of the longevity puzzle. Including them in a wealthy and assorted weight-reduction plan, getting sufficient sleep, exercising recurrently, and managing stress can all assist you lead a happier, healthier and longer life.

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Dr. Neil Paulvin is a longevity and regenerative drugs doctor and host of the Life Optimized podcast. As a main knowledgeable in biohacking and human optimization, Dr. Paulvin is acknowledged for his distinctive work making use of a hyper-personal strategy to assist his sufferers — together with Fortune 500 executives, Olympic athletes and A-list celebrities — optimize their well being. Follow him on YouTube and Instagram.

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