How to Start AEPS Business in the Villages of India? What are the benefits of AEPS?

How much easy is paying to a shop online using various payment methods? A piece of cake, isn’t it? But not for everyone.


India is well-known as the “Nation of Farmers” among the world owing to the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy. As per the research, almost 65.07% of the Indian population live in villages & other semi-urban areas. But do you know the modern technology we are leveraging today is something that the people who live in villages are unaware of. 


Where technology has made our living as easy as the cakewalk, some people are still facing hassles to use these services. One of these services is AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) in India. It is a financial inclusion that helps the users to operate several banking administrations via their Aadhaar numbers. All these circumstances make AEPS Business in Villages of India, a highly relevant opportunity. 


Let’s know a bit more about it.


Effectual Benefits of AEPS Business in the Villages of India


According to the studies, almost 42 crore people opened their bank accounts with Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna and among them 36 crore accounts are active. Most of these accounts have been opened by the people of rural areas. The lack of bank branches causes trouble using the bank account for the villagers and contributes to the backwardness of the area as well as the nation. Here comes the boon launched by NPCI & the Government of India i.e. AEPS. 


So if you are someone who wants to Start AEPS Business in Villages then this blog is gonna be very useful for you as we will be discussing the various advantages of AEPS Business in the Villages of India.

  • Cope with Cash Crunch: 

    The main problem caused by the unavailability of banks & ATMs in villages is cash crunch. Villagers have to go farther and farther just to withdraw some notes. You can help people to cope with this problem by opening an AEPS Shop in the Village. So that, people can easily withdraw cash from your shop. It will also help you to generate massive income as you get AEPS commission on every AEPS Cash Withdrawal.

Solving the major problems in rural areas such as cash crunch & unavailability of banking services will aid you to evolve your business smoothly.

  • Leverage Less Competition: 

    An AEPS business in the villages of India offers you comparatively low competition. This directly helps your business grow. Since there is no or less competition, you can easily expand the roots of your business. However, it is advisable to provide quality AEPS Services in Villages to impress your customers. Having the Best B2B AEPS Software at your Shop is necessary to assist your customers with top services.

Some other people might open the same business in your area, however, you will still have the benefit of being the pioneer. And as we know better the quality, more the customers. Hence, keep focusing on offering quality services through a Best AEPS Portal.

  • Boosts Goodwill Gesture: 

    When rural people get rid of traveling miles and miles just to reach the nearest bank branch, which is not near though, their respect for you grows, which adds to the goodwill of your business. And you should be well-known for the significance of goodwill in any business.

It gets you the benefit of positive word of mouth too. Soon, you will find the people of nearby villages coming to your shop too. It will open the doors for your shop in those villages alongside expanding your AEPS Distributorship.

  • Contribution to Cashless Economy: 

    While you are running an AEPS Business in the Villages of India and providing Aadhaar-Based Payments, you are explicitly supporting the Indian economy & society as well as contributing to the upliftment of rural areas.

Your provided services will educate as well as encourage the villagers towards digitalization. Where our government is giving its best efforts towards making a Digital India, you will be having an active part in this social cause. What could be better than doing a business that helps the nation grow along with you?

So these were some of the notable benefits that you get while running an AEPS Shop in Rural Areas of India.


How to make Rural Areas of India Digital-Savvy with AEPS?


With the benefits of AEPS Business in the Villages of India, it is evident that it fuels the development of villages financially. However, the real question is how to begin? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Since we know everything takes time, just start with little onset. Open an AEPS Center in a Rural Area. Let the people know what AEPS Services is and how can it be beneficial for their day-to-day life. Once they will be well-versed in this, they will indulge themselves with AEPS. 


As previously said, focus on the quality of your services. You can ace any business just with quality. Contact a service provider company to become an AEPS Agent in India. Dogma Soft Limited is India’s Leading AEPS Service Provider Company that has been working in this field for the last 12.5 years. It provides AEPS Franchisee & Portal at Low Prices. People are running their AEPS Business successfully with AEPS ID dispensed from Dogma.



Villages are the heart of India and therefore, the complete development of villages is highly required. Even though the pace of this development is slow-going, you can contribute to its rapid speed by opening your AEPS Business in the Villages of India.

Running the business as an AEPS Agent in India is a challenging task that you can ace with a Best AEPS Service Provider Company like Dogma. So, with the Best AEPS Service Provider Company like Dogma. So with hopes that you have enjoyed this blog and got enough details to indulge yourself in your AEPS Business, I am ending this blog. Be tuned for another exciting blog on another exciting topic.

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