Coinpot Free Earning

Coinpot Free Earning

CoinPot site coin collection facilitator.

Create Coinpot Wallet -

CoinPot is a centralizer of the currencies that are acquired by the linked sites, through which we can:
Use as Digital Wallet;
Deposit Digital Currencies (minimum deposit 0.001 btc);
Transfer the coins to a Digital Wallet;
Convert one currency into another; and
Use the Navigator to mine Digital Currencies.
Easy and fun way to earn: bitcoin, bitcoincash, litcoin, dash and dogecoin.
Easy to use.
You earn every 5 minutes you can claim bitcoin, bitcoincash, litcoin, dash and dogecoin.
You earn every 60 minutes you can claim bitcoin on Freebitcoin.
Bitcoin, bitcoincash, litcoin, dash and dogecoin has never been easier just register with CoinPot using the same email for the taps and at the same time the coins (bitcoin, bitcoincash, litcoin, dash and dogecoin) will already be in your CoinPot wallet .
For FreeBitcoin you need at least 0.001 btc to deposit.
Note: We have no link to the sites mentioned above. This App is just a tool to help those used and the minimum deposit for CoinPot is 0.001 btc if you transfer less than this amount CoinPot will not credit your wallet.

Sign Up All Faucet Account In Your Coinpot Email Id

Mellow Ads Faucet

Claim 500 to 3,000 satoshi – every day!

The Mellow Ads faucet allows you to claim free network advertising credit, once every 24 hours. All you need to do is click on the Claim now button below and complete a captcha to confirm that you are human. Free network advertising credit will then be added to your Mellow Ads account balance – enough for at least 5 days of network advertising*

50% referral commission!

Additionally, you can earn 50% lifetime commission for any new accounts that you refer to Mellow Ads – from all faucet claims that they also make!
Referral system detailsYou currently have 0 referrals from which you have earned a total of 0 satoshi referral commission
View your Referral commission transactions

Possible claim amounts

500 satoshi 1,000 satoshi 3,000 satoshi

(* 500 satoshi is the minimum amount required for a 5 day network campaign)


  1. If you are not already signed in then you will need to Register or Sign in first
  2. Click on the claim button above and complete the captcha
  3. You can claim only once every 24 hours, per account/IP address
  4. Credit can only be used for Network Campaigns – not for CPM/CPC campaigns – and cannot be withdrawn
  5. All faucet claims and referral commission will be listed as Transactions against your Mellow Ads account
  6. Any attempts to abuse the faucet or referral system (e.g. multiple accounts, bots etc) will result in your account being suspended

Would you like to increase your website revenue?

Banner and pop-under publishing

Easy management of websites/ad spaces – no contract or setup/ongoing fees.
Works seamlessly alongside with your current advertising solutions.
Instant performance statistics available showing view/click/pop totals for your website/ad-space.
Please Register or Sign In to add your website and create your first ad space!

CPM Campaigns

Allow advertisers to buy a specific number of unique views/pops from your ad spaces.
CPM adverts are shown until it fulfills all of the unique views/pops.
0% fees! Set your own CPM rate and receive the full amount paid by the advertiser.

CPC Campaigns

Allow advertisers to buy a specific number of unique clicks from your ad spaces.
CPC adverts are shown in your ad space until it fulfills all of the unique clicks.
0% fees! Set your own CPC rate and receive the full amount paid by the advertiser.

Network Campaigns

Show adverts from our network of advertisers, to ensure your website/ad-space is always fully utilized.
Receive daily revenue based on the amount of unique views/clicks/pops that you provide to the network.
Low 10% network fee, means more of the advertisers money gets through to you.