5 'crimson flags' you're dealing with a narcissistic boss—they're the 'worst kind,' says career expert

Imagine strolling into a job interview and feeling 100% prepared. You’ve polished your resume and ready good solutions.

But as an HR and career expert with 20 years of expertise, I’ve discovered that the interview course of is not nearly impressing potential employers — it is also about defending your self from a poisonous work setting.

To forestall your dream job from turning out to be a nightmare, you could have the ability to spot the indicators of the worst kind of boss: the narcissist. Here are the crimson flags:

1. They barely ask about you

You could also be dealing with a narcissistic boss in the event that they speak extra about themselves throughout the interview than about your background or expertise.

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They would possibly say issues like: “When I took over the division, issues began to go very well,” or, “That undertaking was a catastrophe till I got here in and turned it round.”

This usually signifies that they put their very own achievements earlier than the group dynamic. Keep monitor of what number of instances you hear “I” versus “we.”

2. They have a dismissive angle

Observe how they deal with or discuss others throughout the interview. Do they ignore and dismiss their colleagues? Do they trash their friends or the individuals who you would be working with?

This conduct might current itself in a few other ways. During the interview, somebody would possibly apologetically pop their head in to ask for a signature, and the supervisor’s response is an irritated: “Can’t you see I’m in the center of one thing?” 

Disrespect does not discriminate. If that is how they act in entrance of a stranger, it is doubtless even worse day-to-day.

3. They make you doubt your actuality

Driven by their very own insecurities, a gaslighting and narcissistic boss would possibly attempt to query your achievements and expertise.

If you inform them about an accomplishment, for instance, they may say one thing like: “That appears a bit exaggerated,” or, “Is that each one that you just did?” These are indicators that working for them will make you doubt your expertise and skills.

4. They make grand guarantees with no concrete plan

A narcissistic boss will promote a imaginative and prescient of the future the place you are a star participant, however the particulars are hazy.

So in the event you hear issues out of your interviewer that sound too good to be true, like, “I feel you might be the CEO sometime!” or, “I’d like to quick monitor you … you remind me of myself once I was your age,” it’s possible you’ll be strolling into a dead-end job.

They doubtless haven’t any intention of sharing the highlight. 

5. They give oddly private or unfounded criticism

Tamica Sears is the co-founder of Sears Coaching. An HR skilled and management improvement coach with over twenty years of expertise, she has labored with leaders in a wide selection of organizations, from Fortune 100 firms to mom-and-pop retailers She can be the writer of “How To Tell If You’re An A**Hole Boss.” Tamica is a mother of two and based mostly in Phoenix, Arizona.

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